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Thread: Card from my son's girlfriend or is it ex girlfriend I'm not sure yeat lol.

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    Lovely card, I believe even Lakeland use to sell microwave flower press, many moons ago :)

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    Lovely card. Makes me want to revisit flower pressing.

    I have a Microfleur flowerpress that was bought years ago. It is still available. There is one selling the auction site for 18 and Amazon have it too.

    I am reminded that my husband made my a flower press about 35 years ago using wood, cardboard, long screws and butterfly nuts. When we bought a microwave I used it to press flowers by placing them between layers of newspaper then between two dinner plates. I used a casserole dish to add weight. Worked for me!

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    Thanks everyone, it truly is a lovely card and I'm lucky to receive it.

    Deefersmum, I think that's probably where mine came from, I've had it for a long time.

    Fab, it's a shame that Lakeland no longer do craft stuff isn't it?

    Holliecraft, they are the two places I've looked at. Didn't fancy paying over 5 postage on the ebay one, it's not heavy is it! I can't remember now if they had the large and small ones on Amazon I don't think I want to pay 30 + for the larger one, I'll go and have another look.

    I think it's funny that you can't seem to get them elsewhere.

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