Hi All,

Our first delivery from the recent CHA show has arrived at Art from the Heart! We are very pleased to let you know that we have received brand new Tim Holtz Rubber Stamps, Stencils & Mini Stencil Sets!

First up are the new Rubber Stamps. There are 18 new designs released over three months, so there will be a January, February & March release - 6 each month. We have uploaded all 18 new designs with the first six available now including the very popular Crazy Cats and Mini Crazy Birds & Things.

Check them out - HERE

The remaining 12 are available to pre order, but please check our pre order information - HERE

Tim has also released 9 brand new Layering Stencils. Tim now has 59 very popular Layering Stencils from you to choose from. As with the stamps there is a January, February & March release, with the three stencils above available now and the rest available to pre order!

Check out the new stencils - HERE

Check out all of the stencils - HERE

As well as new stencils Tim has also released all of his previous stencils in a very handy smaller size. These are ideal for those of you that work on a smaller scale. They come in packs of three and are available in 18 different sets. We have the first six sets available now with the following 12 sets available to pre order.

Check them all out - HERE

Finally our workshops have been selling out so fast, that there are not many spaces available - many thanks to all of you that have booked! Above is a sample of one of the workshops we still have a few spaces on - Mail Art with Michelle Webb.

Check out the full details - HERE

Happy Crafting

Art from the Heart