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Thread: Your thoughts please

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    Quote Originally Posted by RozMinis View Post
    Love a blingy C********* tree, totally vulgar I love, and the more the merrier. I have several of the Pinflair kits, some I have actually got around to making, some are still waiting to see the light of day.

    There is a company called Spellbound Beads sell kits for similar decorations. Not sure if they have ever brought them to C & C, but I have seen them at Harrogate in November. I have one of their kits to make up too, plus a pair of Christmas pudding earrings that I want to use on my 18" tree. It is too small for the average decorations, the tree that is, so I buy it at least one pair of earrings each year. In the early days I bought it four glass baubles from a garden centre, very delicate they are, but lovely. I also bought a set of pearlised ones in Germany, though they are a tad boring, so don't use them now.

    Thanks Roz, Pinflair are the ones that I did (couldn't remember lol). A few are here.

    I tried to put a pic up but still can't!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love flowers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Granny Penny View Post
    I wanted to learn some techniques so I decided to make this - If you click on the video I have made it up to the 1minute 20 seconds point and am quite pleased with it so far.

    However, all though my daughter obviously likes it she "can't see people hanging it on their Christmas tree" i.e., - don't make me one mum! I make most of the family quilted or folded star Christmas decorations every Christmas and they are much requested (there's a whole board of them on my Pinterest site if you don't know what I mean) but this seems to be too ... I have no idea but definitely not what they want. I, on the other hand am enjoying making it and was going to do some designs of my own - rather less regal than this and perhaps more Victorian but now do not know where I can take this.

    Do you think there is something I could do that would appeal to the younger more, perhaps, country, rustic, shabby chic generation. All comments gratefully received!

    The only reason I wouldn't hang it on my tree is that we have all felt ornaments. I would totally use it, though, as a decoration on a mantel, in a window, etc.!

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