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    Default Bullion stitch

    Has anyone done a bullion stitch?

    Looked on YouTube it looks fairly easy to do but looks like it might take a while to perfect each stitch. I've got to do quite a lot on my Henry V11 cross stitch and think I might leave them out and do straight stitch where it should be.

    Whoops it's bullion knots not stitch. Sorry.
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    I have done them, not too difficult to do, but as it isn't a stitch I do very often I always practice a few before working on the real thing. The first time I was supposed to do them, on a Jane Greenoff kit, I decided not to bother, did the buttonhole bar instead. When it came to 'The Box' I decided I really needed to learn how to do them as nothing else would have looked right. I didn't find Jane's destructions all that great, especially on the bullion roses, but I found a book on eBay called A-Z of Bullions by Sue Gardner. It is also available on Amazon, I just struck lucky on eBay. ;)

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