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Thread: New year, new start

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    Oh God love the man! I took Milly out in my pyjamas again this morning - I did have a coat over the top though and I don't often meet anyone in the lane - not at this time of year anyway. Hubby is very restless sleeper, always has been but nowadays with all his ailments sometimes he's up at silly o'clock so goes into lounge then I can go off to sleep again till 9 ish with no problem. Surprising how many peeps we know who have searate beds or bedrooms as they've got older, because of one bad sleeping.
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    Think we could do with separate bedrooms, especially when Inky decides to stamp all over 'himself', then ends up on me! Ended up getting up just after seven as 'himself' was up just before seven. He turns the heating on when he gets up, the radiator then starts ticking, so it wakes me up. At least I know that the heating is working, unlike the old system where one would lie awake for ages before it did its bomb impersonation. It is definitely louder than it used to be, and starts within a couple of minutes, whereas with the old back boiler it was nearer to five minutes. The radiators didn't get anywhere near as hot either.

    At least I haven't been so sleepy today. Managed to do all but the last bit of the Kloster blocks on the Hardanger. Will finish that tomorrow, plus make a start on the humbug. Not sure I will be able to do the cutting and finishing off until I can have some new glasses. The eyesight is still a bit dodgy, but we will see how I go on Thursday or Friday. Will have a word with Mr Attia, or whoever, on Wednesday and ask when I will be able to have my eyes tested.

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