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    Default Warm Baby Project

    There's a group on FaceBook called 'Warm Baby Project'. They have an up to date list of all the places that need hats/clothes/blankets as well as patterns. There's a Pinned Post at the top of their page which is where you'll find all the requests for things. Some don't take crochet items unless there's no holes in the garment for little fingers to get caught in.

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    Seems to be the same sort of thing we at the Penistone Knitting Group do. Had a look at some of the garments, some look rather familiar, as in from Marianna Mel on Revelry.

    Quite agree about the holes, we have to make sure the only holes are those for buttons. The hospitals also ask for long sleeves, though both holes and buttons are allowed for the angel babies. Only acrylic, and no glittery threads are allowed for our babies, so I would imagine the same rules apply to the warm baby project.

    Due to making the chemo hats and shawls I haven't done much baby knitting, though I did make 12 hats for the Barnsley General birthing unit over the last couple of weeks. Nabbed two balls of yarn on Tuesday, just couldn't resist them. Sooooo as I have no room in my baby yarn bag, I thought I had better get something knitted. Started on a cardigan I haven't done before, looking good. Should have it finished, with luck a second one by next Tuesday. ;)

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