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    I had issues with my brother sewing machine that I manage to sort out
    I now have trouble with my embroidery machine
    It’s the Brother Pe 180d
    I’ve had it years
    I used it Christmas and it was fine
    Then last week it came up with error top thread itv bobbin thread is cut
    I only use Brother bobbins and threads
    But ordered new ones as one suggestion I got was dodgy bobbins
    I have looked to find a a local service or repair shop
    Nearest is 60 miles away
    And they want £125 to do a service 1st hour then £25-40 depending on work needed per hour plus parts
    Are there any machinist on here that could suggest what the problem could be
    One number I tried the gentleman asked how did I find his number I said googling reviews for sewing machine repairs and servicing he laughed said he had retired 12 years ago lol
    He did say it might need resetting as they can go out of kilter
    He could no suggest a local repair shop though
    You don't have to be as mad as a box of frogs to be here but it helps:mysmilie_13:

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    I know nothing about sewing machines but have found the above link to a user manual.
    If the link doesn’t work try typing it.
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