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Thread: La Blanche stamps

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    Default La Blanche stamps

    While* looking for something else, (this seems to be the story of my life, spending all my time looking for things,) I came across my old La Blanche stamps. Oh my gosh, they are gorgeous and most of them are unused. I really need to get them out and have a play once I've done with my current projects.

    Blanche doesn't seem to do stamps any more; it's mostly home decor stuff with some papercrafting kits these days. Shame.

    *Should this be while or whilst? Can any of you clever ladies tell me when i should use one or the other?

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    According to The Guardian:

    While is used to describe time, whilst is used to describe contrast. For example: "I shivered in the bathroom while I ran a bath whilst my sister stayed in her warm bed."
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