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Thread: Using Photobucket to add Images a Forum Post

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    Default Using Photobucket to add Images a Forum Post

    This is a 3-part guide to using Photobucket, if you already have a Photobucket account, know how to upload pictures of your artwork to it and just need to find out how to display your chosen Photobucket image in a forum post please scroll down to Part 3.

    For those who need to learn it all, part one is perhaps the trickiest, but you will only ever have to follow those instructions once! Parts 2 and 3 are incredibly easy.

    Part 1: To Create an Account on Photobucket:

    Go to:

    N.B. Bookmark this site as you will need to visit it each time you want to add photos.

    Click the sign up link at the top right of the screen and fill out the sign up form. If you are struggling to read the text in the Captcha you can request a new challenge by clicking the button at the right side that has a sort of lighting flash in it. If you have any visual disabilities you can request an audio challenge by clicking the button at the right side that has the speaker symbol in it.

    N.B.when picking a user name and password make sure you choose things you can remember easily as you will need to use these each time you sign in to Photobucket

    Click the “Sign Me Up” button

    On the next screen you will be offered a chance to upgrade to a “Pro” account, this is a paid for service so DO NOT CLICK “Next”.

    Just below that you will see a small link that says “No Thanks” – that’s the link to click.

    The next screen will take you to your Photobucket Account, on top there will be a dialogue box that ask if you would like your default albums to be public or private. Photobucket recommend public, but the choice is yours. Public means anyone who has access to the web can stumble upon your album, keep this in mind when choosing and also later one when deciding what photos you want to upload there, you may add pics you would prefer to keep private!

    After choosing Public or Private, click Save and you will now be in your default album and can start uploading pictures.

    Part 2: Uploading Images to Photobucket.

    Log into Photobucket (if you have just completed the sign up process you will already be be logged in).

    Click the large green “Upload Images and Videos” button

    A dialogue box opens that allows you to search on your own computer’s hard drive for the images you have saved there and want to upload

    Browse until you find the image you want to upload and double click it.

    Photobucket will now upload your picture to your album

    Once the upload is complete you are taken to a screen where you can add things like a title to the image e.g. Mum’s Birthday Card. You can also add descriptions such as “made with Artylicious Essence of Nature CD”. None of this is necessary, but you may find it useful to give the images titles as later on when you have a lot of stuff in your album you may find the titles help you to find a particular more easily.

    To view your album from this screen click on the “go to album” link at the top right of the screen, in your album you can see thumbnail pictures of each image you have uploaded. You also have the “Upload Images and Videos” link at the top of your album, enabling you to add another picture.

    N.B. There is a “bulk uploader* tool, which is easy to use and allows you to uploading several pictures at one time. However the purpose of this tutorial is to give people the basics, once you have those I am sure you can figure out the “bulk uploader” works.

    Part 3: Adding an Image from Photobucket into a forum post.

    First type your forum post, but to do not save it yet.

    Open another browser window and sign into your Photobucket Account

    Once in your album, roll your mouse over the thumbnail of image you want to add to your forum post, do not click on the image, just roll over it and hover there

    When you are hovering your mouse over any of the images you have in Photobucket a small dialogue box appears below the image. The dialogue box contains 4 headings at the left side as follows:

    Email & IM
    Direct Link
    HTML Code
    IMG Code

    The one you are interested in is the IMG Code

    To the right of that heading is a box containing some very cryptic looking code, don’t worry, you don’t need to understand what that code says. Just click in that box once with you mouse and the code inside the box will be highlighted with a blue highlight.

    Keeping your mouse positioned over the now highlighted code RIGHT click your mouse

    A pop-up menu opens – choose copy from that menu

    Switch windows back to your forum post and position your cursor where you want the image to appear in your post (above what you typed, below what you typed etc)

    Right click your mouse and this time choose “Paste” from the pop-up menu

    The IMG Code you just copied from Photobucket will now appear in your post.

    Click "submit" and in the saved post instead of that cryptic code, your photo will appear.

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    Just wanted to say that I always do my post after copying from photobucket.

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